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John Stanko

  • I've known John Stanko for more than two decades. I've found him to be a man who practices what he preaches. Not only does he teach and coach about purpose, he relentlessly pursues his own purpose. His Monday Memo and personal coaching have had a positive impact on my life and business so much so that he now serves on our Christian publishing company’s advisory board. Thanks, John, for your servant leadership over the years!

    - Brian Banashak, publisher, Alabama, USA

  • John's purpose teaching has been the most ongoing and revolutionary concept to come into our lives. John possesses the education, but more importantly he connects at a deeper lever than what the mind can comprehend. We live our daily lives aware of our purpose and, thanks to John, we have the tools to grab hold and pursue it with all our hearts.

    - Pastors Ted and Tami Miller, Colorado, USA

  • After a devastating motorcycle accident left me unemployed, partially paralyzed and suicidal, I met John Stanko and heard the purpose message. That message helped me see who I am in Christ and my role in the Kingdom. Released from the pain of my past, I now have joy as I help others find their purpose.

    - Bill Rhoades, Pennsylvania, USA

  • Dr. J is the funniest speaker I know. But unlike any other comedienne (which he isn't), he has a way of mixing humor and his message, the purpose message. That message has inspired me on my journey to my dreams. If there's one person who taught me to look beyond my present circumstances, it is Dr. J.

    - Edmore Masendeke, Harare, Zimbabwe

  • One coaching session with John truly changed my life! I cried through half of the meeting because I finally realized, after taking the DISC Personality Profile, that this is how God made me and, to "give myself up" to this fact. My husband, Jim, and I then took John’s Seven Steps of a PurposeQuest and further learned how to serve as well as lead others. Finding my purpose through John's PurposeQuest has been a three-year journey, but an adventure I wouldn't have missed for anything! I am now living and fulfilling my purpose to boldly encourage, teach and lead throughout the world because of John's commitment and his book, Unlocking the Power of Your Purpose. Thank you John!

    - Sheila Hunt, Arkansas, USA

  • The purpose message helped me discover the real me. Thanks to the PurposeQuest sessions I had with Dr. J, i now see myself the way God sees me, and know my passion and purpose. I am a writer, and I am writing my first two books that I will be published next year. My relationship with God has improved and I have matured because I know what is expected of me!

    - Wadzanai Kandororo, Zimbabwe

  • We met Dr. Stanko at a pivotal point in our lives and ministry. His keen eye, direct approach and passion for purpose helped us see our strengths, talents and abilities more clearly in the light of how God sees us. This helped to propel us into our place of productivity in the will of God.

    - Bishop Melvin A. Brooks and Pastor Yvonne E. Brooks, UK

  • I heard John's PurposeQuest message when he spoke at our church's men's retreats. Then I became one of the early subscribers to the Monday Memo (I have them in my email archive back to Memo 32 in October 2001!). I was inspired to search for my purpose, then encouraged to pursue it through his weekly messages. My purpose – "I express God’s care by connecting people with resources" – helped me start a full-time ministry, Advocate for Orphans International. Thanks, John, and keep lifting the vision for each person to find and fulfill their God-given purpose!

    - David Avilla, California, USA

  • I first encountered John's PurposeQuest message when he gave a talk at my church. I was going through a lot of emotional trauma during my early twenties and it was only the dim hope that my life had a purpose. I dared to request a meeting with him when he was visiting South Africa and was so excited and nervous all at once when he agreed! In that brief time, he saw in me what I was trying to make sense of and helped me define my purpose statement. It's been a few years of painful progress along my purpose pathway, but now I have finally closer to living out my purpose than ever before.

    - Cheryl Ramurath, Republic of South Africa

  • John's purpose message touched a part of me that was dying in the face of unfulfilled expectations and gave me permission to reconnect with and embrace who I am. His humor taught me the importance of laughing at myself, which is very good medicine for a recovering perfectionist. His coaching encourages me to believe in a bigger dream. As a result, I dig deeper, learn more, and live and love the possibilities. I have started my own business, travel to places, once just a childhood dream, and have begun writing the book in me. The best thing is that I now help others start their purpose journey. How cool is that!

    - Linda Rinchiuso, Pennsylvania, USA

  • I'm pretty sure I heard John's very first purpose message about 20 years ago. His purpose to create order out of chaos has helped me recognize my own purpose of being a justice reporter – not to mention appreciate it, act upon it, say no to otherwise good opportunities that have nothing to do with it, and generally be more targeted, effective, and purposeful in what I do. Thanks, John!

    - Diana Scimone, Florida, USA

  • Dr. John Stanko came to my local church and, I was set free through his teaching and message on PurposeQuest. I did not have a one-on-one session with him, but John has stayed in touch with me and has answered all my questions through his website and email. For this, I am forever grateful.

    - Jacqueline Roland, Texas, USA

  • I've been receiving the Monday Memo since issue one I have also read his book, I Wrote This Book on Purpose book and watched one of his interactive CDs. His teachings have influenced many choices I've made from that point on.

    - Tim Louis, Ohio, USA

  • I am one of the people John helped inspire to write! I started a weekly email about six months ago called Thoughts on Thursday. I had been thinking about writing a weekly "column" off and on for years. After subscribing to John's and reading it each week, I became more inspired. Then I finally decided to take action instead of just thinking about it.

    - Anne Hofler, USA

  • I have never known anyone who travels as much as John. He is always bursting at the seams to share where he is, what he is doing, and most importantly, what he is learning to share with us that our great God has imparted to him. When he does, we all grow – or at least I have.

    - Yvonne Mulford, Colorado, USA

  • A college professor of mine gave me a copy of I Wrote This Book on Purpose. After 3 years, I just now read it. And after about a month of praying and confessing, I received a revelation that concerns my purpose. It was an awesome, yet a simple leading of the Holy Spirit. Thank you for obeying God in your literary project. It is something that I continue to read and study.

    - Jarrod Udin, Michigan, USA

  • I have read through John's inspiring write-ups on leadership and especially the Seven Steps of a PurposeQuest. I am also challenged by his regular write-ups that appears on the website. Dr. John also spoke to the students at our chapel service at Daystar University in Nairobi, Kenya. The purpose message has transformed my life. Dr. John is a role model to me.

    - Ane Manyange, Kenya

  • I can't remember when I first met Dr Stanko—but he's been so genuine, transparent and down-to-earth that it feels like I've known him forever! He’s moved from the status of PurposeQuest coach to friend! When I first heard him speak, his personality profiling tools coupled with his unique combination of humour, passion and pragmatism helped me to discover and love myself in a way I hadn’t done before.

    - Heather Reid, UK

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John Stanko - world leader on purpose
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