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The Kenya Partnership

Working with friends to bring food, clothing and hope to widows and orphans in Kenya

Since 1997, I have been visiting Kenya and now have made it my focus for work and ministry in Africa. Every year I lead a group of people there to connect them with the Kenya team with whom I work and among whom I minister (Read about some of my past trips here and read my regular updates here.) Many of those ministries are part of the Sarah Team in Kenya.

Some Photos From My Travels

Please watch this video to hear from Pastor Peter Kihungi, who is the overseer for the library and IT center we have established in Kenya. You will hear in this two-minute video what the library means to his community.

In this video, Pastor Peter asks you to help us equip a school called Kawaida Nursery, which currently meets in an old cow barn.

The Specific Programs of the Kenya Partnership

And now, in preparation for the March, 2015 trip, PurposeQuest is raising $30,000 for the following projects:

  1. The Sophia Fund. Since 2009, the Sophia Fund has raised more than $75,000, all of which was directed toward purchasing food for orphans and widows in Kenya. Not one penny of Sophia Fund money goes toward any overhead or administrative costs. It all goes to purchase food. Donate to the Sophia Fund.
  2. The Deborah Foundation. The Deborah Foundation establishes learning centers and libraries to help children, youth and adults have access to wholesome reading material, educational games and other recreational equipment. Almost $45,000 has been raised and distributed since 2010, along with many tons of educational resources.
  3. The Petticoat Project. Some teen girls cannot attend school at certain times of the month due to lack of basic undergarments and feminine products. The Petticoat Project provides these basic needs for them through schools and counselors in Kenya. Since 2010, $5,000 has come in along with thousands of pairs of undergarments for children and youth, all of which have been distributed.
  4. Operation Chicken Coop. This fund helps build projects enabling orphanages to provide food, revenue and work opportunities for orphans and other needy individuals. This fund has raised $6,500 since 2010.
  5. Adopt-A-School. This initiative allows an individual, family or organization to adopt a school in Kenya and supply that school with basic educational resources, such as blackboards, chalk, desks, school uniforms and school fees for needy students. 
  6. Feed an Orphan for a Month. Just $40 will feed and clothe an orphan for a month. You can give this gift in honor or memory of someone when you provide the information and mailing address to whom the acknowledgment will be sent. Make your gift to an orphan.
  7. School Days Program. At present, PurposeQuest partners pay for the monthly education for seven orphans - Tobias, Joseck, Deborah, Nuru, Elizabeth, Phyllis, and Mary -to escape their slum schools to attend higher quality programs. As funds become available, more orphans are sponsored. You can sponsor a child for about $1,200 to $1,500 per year (depending on what school they attend) and that includes uniforms, room and board.
  8. Libraries and Laptops. So far, 25 laptops have been refurbished and set up in the orphanages and libraries with which we work. We partner with Computer Outreach in Pittsburgh who converts the laptops to the Linux system and maintains them in Kenya for up to two years.

Please give to the 2015 $30,000 goal using PayPal or by sending a tax-deductible contribution to PurposeQuest International, PO Box 8882, Pittsburgh, PA 15221-0882. Thank you and God bless you for your generosity.

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