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    You have an IQ (intelligence quotient). There are also concepts such as EQ (emotional quotient) and SQ (spiritual quotient). John Stanko has developed something called your PQ (purpose quotient). Take the free assessment to determine your score and what you can do to increase your PQ to become a more purposeful person. [More info]

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    John now has four weekly Internet radio shows, to which you can listen live or access all of the archived interviews and download them to listen on your mobile device or your computer. The three shows are:

    1. Leadership Talk: Friday at 4PM (U.S. Eastern Time Zone)
    2. Urban Heroes: Wednesday at 8AM
    3. Ministry Beat: Tuesday at 4PM
    4. WPIT-AM: Saturday at 8AM
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    Listen in as John hosts "Wake Up to Purpose," an hour of talk and teaching about purpose, every Saturday morning at 8 AM. You can listen live in the Pittsburgh area on 7:30 AM WPIT, listen on your computer from anywhere or download the WPIT app and listen anywhere in the world on your mobile device.

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    Since 1991, John Stanko has been involved as a teacher, consultant and coach in the purpose revolution that is sweeping the world. He has written books and developed resources to help people everywhere clarify their purpose and order their world. He has met with and coached thousands, working to help each person be more focused and productive in their lifeāˇ¯rk. [More info]

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Latest Book Release

The Price of LeadershipJohn's latest book is The Price of Leadership, a revision of his book So Many Leaders, So Little Leadership. You can order this helpful book through Paypal for $15 plus $3 shipping and handling, or you can mail a check to PurposeQuest, PO Box 8881, Pittsburgh, PA 15221-0881.

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Your Purposequest Video Channel, Featuring Interviews, Teaching And Many Other Features To Help You In Your Purposequest.

Latest News

Work with Southwestern Christian University: John will be working at Southwestern Christian University in Oklahoma City where he is helping to start a leadership degree program.



Returning to the Roots of Civil Rights Tour: John will join Todd Allen on his annual Returning to the Roots of Civil Rights Tour to North Carolina, Georgia, Alabama and Tennessee.



Church Conference Oklahoma City: John will be speaking at the International Pentecostal Holiness Church conference in Oklahoma City.



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